My name is Sara and I am a wife, mother and grandmother. I am passionate about lots of things: my husband, my kids, grandkids, Jesus, life and sewing!! I am also a designer, enthusiast, collector and lover of heirloom sewing for children.

I learned French sewing techniques in 1984, when my daughter was one year old.

Ever since, I have loved creating and recreating clothing for children, with an emphasis on infants, that speak of an earlier time, a time when babies were dressed to look like the angels that they are.

It has long been my philosophy that a child is a baby for such a short time, why not dress them in soft , luscious fabrics and laces while they are tiny. They will too soon grow up and have their own ideas about what to wear. And after all, they have a lifetime to look like an adult!

So, some of my happiest times are when I am creating a beautiful christening gown or a new baby layette, or sewing for a grandchild!!
I design and create custom christening gowns, portrait and special occasion clothing by commission.   I would love to create a  beautiful garment for the special child in your life. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


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