Monday, January 21, 2013

Usualy when the new year gets under way in full swing, it brings with it, the urge to purge and clean around here. That didn't happen this year!  I am glad, because that notion will sidetrack me for a full month.
No, this year, my thoughts have turned to spring, a bit early, it seems. I suppose that is because an early Easter this year, March 31, has me itchin' to get stitchin'.

With the wealth of beautiful images and inspiration on Pinterest, I would like to share with you some of the beauty that has inspired me.

Janice shows this precious vintage dress from the 1940's and gives an exceptional detailed description of the construction.

This photo has really captured my heart! The little girl and the dress are beyond beautiful. I am not sure of the pattern for this dress. The neck and bodice look similar to the "Tyler" pattern by Sarah Howard Stone that I am currently making for Easter, but the sleeves are different. The hem treatment is also different.  Phyllis DePiano posted it on her Pinterest board and I could not readily link it to Laurie's blog. Be sure to visit Laurie's blog and site, for some gorgeous inspiration !!!  She offers exquisite antique monogrammed linens.

Beautiful shoes to compliment a beautiful dress

This company makes the most adorable shoes and boots, both for little girls and their mommies!! I am over the moon for this shoe.

Have a blessed day today and fill your day with beautiful things!!


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