Tuesday, February 12, 2013

French-y pillow

Waaay back in the summer, my sister pinned from me this pillow on one of her Pinterest boards, with the comment  under it, on my board, "I want one".

I filed that away in my memory bank, deciding that I would make her one for a Christmas present.

So, that was easy!! All I had to do was go to the blog of the creator of this gorgeous pillow, Debbie, of Confessions of a Plate Addict, and there she gave instructions on how she made it!!

I did make a few changes: I made my monogram by using an applique embroidery design with my embroidery machine, and my flowers are more scattered than Debbies.

Here is my finished pillow and my sister loved it!!!

 ~~shown without the pillow form because I didn't have it yet when I photographed it~~

And here it is on my sis's lovely bed!

Sweet Dreams!!

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