Sunday, November 11, 2012

Boy's Reversible Pullover tutorial

My latest pattern, Holt is a great pattern for boy's with lots of design possibilities.

My good friend Laurie Anderson helped me tremendously with this pattern. Laurie offers pattern digitizing services for epatterns by taking your hand drawn pattern pieces and turning them into digitally drawn pieces for a very high quality end product.  Laurie also tested this pattern for me and that is her darling grandson in the photo! In her version of the Holt pattern, she made hers reversible.

Yesterday, a customer sent me an email with a photo of her version for her grandson, also reversible. She was kind enough to include her instructions and gave me her permission to share them with  you! Thank you so much Corinne Schillinger!! I love her camo version. As I told her, what little boy wouldn't love this?
Below are Corinne's changes and instructions on how she made the shirt reversible. To get you started, I am offering a sale on the Holt pattern!!! Click here to order your pattern with instant download in epattern format and get 25% off!!!

 Said Corinne:

Basically, what I did was to make two complete Holts. with the following exceptions/changes:

When I attached the hood to the shirt, I made sure that I extended the lower edge of the hood past the edge of the placket by 1/2" on each side. I did NOT use the bias tape, for the seams would not be visible with a reversible shirt.

On the bottom of the shirt, I basted the seam allowance back in place below the slit.

I made ONE tab and attached it to one side of one of the plackets. It has one button hole on the opposite end, and the tab can be flipped across the shirt opening to attach to either button, placed over each other on their respective shirts.

When I completed each shirt, I turned under 1/4" (to the wrong side) at the edge of each sleeve and around the bottom.

I turned one shirt right side out and I turned the other shirt wrong side out. I then placed one into the other, so that the RIGHT sides were facing each other. I then stitched around the face opening of the hood (here is where you need that 1/2" extending beyond the placket!) I pinked that seam and pressed it. I then pulled the shirts apart and placed one inside the other so that the WRONG sides were facing, tucking and straightening the sleeves inside, and aligning the side seams of the shirts I then VERY CAREFULLY pinned the two shirt layers together at the bottom of the sleeves as well as the two layers at the shirt bottom. I topstitched around these edges with a 1/8" seam. I also VERY CAREFULLY topstitched around the completed hood edge AND down both sides of the placket. As an added effort to keep the hoods from flopping outside each other, I took a few machine stitches through all layers IN THE SEAM at the top curve of the hood and IN THE SEAM along the neck edge.

And I have been smiling ever since...!!!! I have attached a picture of my completed shirt for you to see; it is a combination of corduroy camo material and plain cotton. Thank you again for a great pattern!!

Thanks again Corinne!!!

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