Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Pattern Sale

Happy Black Friday!!!
Sale on all my patterns going on!! No codes, prices are already marked down!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Road to Christmas Eve

 Today I am so excited to be a part of Ellie Inspired's 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop!! You may click on the image above to read more of her spectacular GIVEAWAY that is also going on this week!

I would like to share with you today one of my favorite Christmas memories and a recipe that is one of our family's holiday favorites.

Christmas is huge in our family. My parents always went "all out" at Christmas. We refer to a certain time in our family, called "The Road to Christmas Eve", that is all about the anticipation and "making ready" to go to the grandparents (my parents) house for our Christmas celebration.

When the children were small, we would begin about 4 o'clock on Christmas Eve afternoon, getting baths and clothes ready. We dressed up in our finest  and usually my children would wear a special Christmas outfit that I had made for them. Then there was the loading of the car trunk with our gifts to the rest of the family, and of course, the food that we were taking as part of the meal and the merriment!

The excitement I felt getting my family ready to go was almost as great as my children's. We knew that Mom Mil and Pop would have the house decorated, the table set with the good china, silver, and a beautiful centerpiece and always a special little table gift at each of our plates.

The excitement would mount, as we climbed into the car and headed on our way. We would pop a Christmas tape into the tape player (this was a long time ago, remember?) and we would sing all the way to their house. The sky would sparkle with stars and sometimes, there might a dusting of snow, a flurry or two or at least, a hint of snow. And we knew when we arrived, the house would be filled with family, a mountain of gifts and wonderful aromas coming from the kitchen. Always, there were goodies abounding to nibble on before the Christmas dinner.

I would like to share with you our favorite Christmas dessert, which is a standard on most all Southern Christmas tables!!
Southern Pecan Pie
1 stick butter, melted
1 cup sugar
½ cup Karo syrup
3 eggs, beaten
1 tsp vanilla
1 cup broken pecans

 Mix all ingredients and pour into unbaked pie shell. Place pie on cookie sheet and bake in 350° oven for 50 minutes.


Tomorrow's post will be by the fabulous Jen Hagedorn, of Tie Dye Diva Patterns. I can't wait to see what she has in store!! Click on the image below and it will take you to Jen!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Boy's Reversible Pullover tutorial

My latest pattern, Holt is a great pattern for boy's with lots of design possibilities.

My good friend Laurie Anderson helped me tremendously with this pattern. Laurie offers pattern digitizing services for epatterns by taking your hand drawn pattern pieces and turning them into digitally drawn pieces for a very high quality end product.  Laurie also tested this pattern for me and that is her darling grandson in the photo! In her version of the Holt pattern, she made hers reversible.

Yesterday, a customer sent me an email with a photo of her version for her grandson, also reversible. She was kind enough to include her instructions and gave me her permission to share them with  you! Thank you so much Corinne Schillinger!! I love her camo version. As I told her, what little boy wouldn't love this?
Below are Corinne's changes and instructions on how she made the shirt reversible. To get you started, I am offering a sale on the Holt pattern!!! Click here to order your pattern with instant download in epattern format and get 25% off!!!

 Said Corinne:

Basically, what I did was to make two complete Holts. with the following exceptions/changes:

When I attached the hood to the shirt, I made sure that I extended the lower edge of the hood past the edge of the placket by 1/2" on each side. I did NOT use the bias tape, for the seams would not be visible with a reversible shirt.

On the bottom of the shirt, I basted the seam allowance back in place below the slit.

I made ONE tab and attached it to one side of one of the plackets. It has one button hole on the opposite end, and the tab can be flipped across the shirt opening to attach to either button, placed over each other on their respective shirts.

When I completed each shirt, I turned under 1/4" (to the wrong side) at the edge of each sleeve and around the bottom.

I turned one shirt right side out and I turned the other shirt wrong side out. I then placed one into the other, so that the RIGHT sides were facing each other. I then stitched around the face opening of the hood (here is where you need that 1/2" extending beyond the placket!) I pinked that seam and pressed it. I then pulled the shirts apart and placed one inside the other so that the WRONG sides were facing, tucking and straightening the sleeves inside, and aligning the side seams of the shirts I then VERY CAREFULLY pinned the two shirt layers together at the bottom of the sleeves as well as the two layers at the shirt bottom. I topstitched around these edges with a 1/8" seam. I also VERY CAREFULLY topstitched around the completed hood edge AND down both sides of the placket. As an added effort to keep the hoods from flopping outside each other, I took a few machine stitches through all layers IN THE SEAM at the top curve of the hood and IN THE SEAM along the neck edge.

And I have been smiling ever since...!!!! I have attached a picture of my completed shirt for you to see; it is a combination of corduroy camo material and plain cotton. Thank you again for a great pattern!!

Thanks again Corinne!!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Christmas Stockings

When inspiration strikes, I just have to go with it. A friend at church is getting married in December, so for her Bridal Tea, I decided I would make the couple a pair of Christmas stockings.

I experimented with several styles and looks. I used the pattern from last year's Holiday issue of  Sew Beautiful magazine.


The gorgeous embellished stocking on the cover was made by my good friend, Laurie Anderson of  SewNSo's Sewing Journal and Southern Stitches. The pattern for the stocking is included in this issue.

My first idea was to use some of the pile of vintage linens I have in a huge tub. Most of these have holes or tears, so I keep them for projects such as this. I love this version, it is probably my favorite, but I wasn't really sure of the bride's style, so I tried another look.

Since she is a young woman in her 20's, I thought she might like a a trendy look. I had some home dec weight chevron, and decided to combine it also with some vintage trim. I really like how this turned out, but somehow it didn't seem to be "her".

I absolutely love this fun stocking with an appliqued initial from Beau Mitchell Boutique , but I thought it might be too young for her tastes.

 I finally decided that you can never go wrong with classic, so this was my final decision and the ones I gave her. I think she was delighted!


Thursday, November 8, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop

Beginning Saturday November 10, join me and this list of fabulous designers for the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop, sponsored by Ellie Inspired.  This will run through November 21, and every day there will be fabulous prizes and Laura (of Ellie Inspired) is also having a HUGE giveaway!!

You don't want to miss this super-fun event!!

Nov 10th (Day 1): Lilac Lane Patterns (
Nov 11th (Day 2): Create Kids Couture (
Nov 12th (Day 3): Southern Stitches (
Nov 13th (Day 4): Sew Can She (
Nov 14th (Day 5): Naptime Crafters (
Nov 15th (Day 6): Sara Norris Ltd. (
Nov 16th (Day 7): Tie Dye Diva (
Nov 17th (Day 8): Little Lizard King (
Nov 18th (Day 9): Bugga Bugs (
Nov 19th (Day 10): Birdsong Patterns (
Nov 20th (Day 11): Riley Blake Designs (
Nov 21st (Day 12): Ellie Inspired (


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