Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fun and funky fabrics

I love PDF patterns. I am all about instant gratification and with life so busy, I do like the simplicity of most of them. Although I do quite a bit of designing my own patterns, sometimes I just feel like, why reinvent the wheel?

This week, I have tried a pattern by Violette Fields Threads. This is their Audrey pattern. I liked the simplicity of the style and the cute little sleeve treatment.

And talk about quick and easy!!! I made this up in less than an hour. I made several ruffle necked dresses for summer for my grands that are aged 3. They (and their moms) liked these for ease in the girls being able to dress themselves. They simply just pull on over the head, no buttons, zippers, ties,nor snaps. So, I thought this pattern would be a great similar style for cooler weather wearing!

I added a pair of LillyGiggle's Ring of Ruffles Pants to wear with this dress. I have just recently started experimenting sewing with knits and I love it!!!

Hope you are getting your fall sewing on!!!

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