Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Do you "Dress for success"? (at home)

     Remember the "Power Suit" of the 1980's?
OK, that's not what I am talking about here!!!I am talking about those of us who either work at home or stay at home.
Do you have have a daily routine you follow? Do you have favorite "work" clothes that you wear and feel most productive in?
I learned a lesson many years ago when I was still in the corporate world. I stayed home from work one day when my son was sick and  home from school. Dressed in sweats, no makeup and hair not done, I answered the doorbell and there stood my old college boyfriend, who was passing through town and stopped by to say hello!!! I wanted to D.I.E.
I am not one who likes to work in my pajamas. I find that if I get going and shower, do face and hair and dress and be ready for the day by no later than 8 am, I can be my most productive.
Favorite work outfits for me, depending on the season, are usually knit yoga pants or leggings, a tunic or lightweight sweater, and some low heeled boots or Rocket Dog shoes. I run up and down the stairs to my sewing studio numerous times a day and need shoes with good traction! Comfort and ease of movement  are my major considerations for my day which includes sewing, monogramming, and pattern design. I may be down on the floor or digging in the closet

If I have to run out during the day at a moment's notice, and need to look a bit more polished , I can slip on a pair of boots or ballerina flats, a good looking jacket, and look pulled together without a lot of effort!! (the jacket hides most of the threads and lint clinging to my clothes!!)
So what is your daily routine and how do you dress for a day of creating at home??


Kellie said...

Something about putting yourself together at the start of the day just makes the whole day go better - you're ready to take on the day!

Michie' said...

I get this questions all the time! Hair, makeup, nice jeans and top and cute shoes every day by 7:30 AM. Not only does it wake me up but reminds me that I have a home and business to run and each day is important!

Needle little Balance said...

Jeans and a shirt. I´d never spend a day off at home in my pyjamas unless I´m sick. It´s totally uncommon in my country (Europe) to wear shoes inside the house like sneakers or even boots. I could never do that! :-) Inside we only wear socks or slippers and we have extra pairs of slippers for guests.


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