Saturday, January 7, 2012

Baby on board!!!

No more time to be lazy around here!! Baby Colby Jane is due to arrive March 27 and she needs some new outfits!! (really??) I know that there is a huge stash of hand-me-downs from her big brother and big sister and I have seen her closet that mommy has already organized to the hilt, so I say "need" with tongue in cheek!! But she must have some things that are made uniquely for her!!

This morning I am in my sewing room going through my fabrics, pulling out patterns by The Old Fashioned Baby and looking expectantly into all my UFO's hoping to find anything that will give me a head start!

One project that I am already stitching on is a pram cover that I started for her big brother Holt, over 6 years ago!! He came early and I never finished it, nor did I finish it for big sister Lacey Claire, who also came a bit early!! Hmm, maybe I should wait until AFTER Colby Jane is born to work on this thing!!
You can see how dog-eared this copy of Sew Beautiful Issue #104 is!!
It, the project and all the supplies have been in my hand work basket all these years! 
This is such a gorgeous blanket. It has a shadow embroidered design of a rocking horse, pull toy, puppy, duck, lamb, bunny, bear, blocks,  birds, lots of flowers, and all of these are set upon a ribbon, which is
 tied into a bow at the top. The center area is filled with white granitos. I haven't counted them, but it is A LOT!!! The pram cover is finished with a lace-edged ruffle. It is made of Swiss batiste.

Well, the shadow embroidery is almost finished . This little portion is all that is left on the outer design.

and then it is on to those granitos!!


Martha said...

I have always loved that project. I used the little elephant on a daygown when Princess was expected and now Master H has worn it. Get that pram cover finished. You will love it. I can't wait to see a picture of it with that sweet baby's head peeking out. Congrats on a new baby to sew for.

Kellie said...

It will be worth the effort... something about finishing a project is just so rewarding (regardless of how long it took!) Happy Stitching!

Bunny said...

This will be so beautiful,Sara. I am so glad you have this glorious baby to sew for. What a blessing!


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