Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Do you "Dress for success"? (at home)

     Remember the "Power Suit" of the 1980's?
OK, that's not what I am talking about here!!!I am talking about those of us who either work at home or stay at home.
Do you have have a daily routine you follow? Do you have favorite "work" clothes that you wear and feel most productive in?
I learned a lesson many years ago when I was still in the corporate world. I stayed home from work one day when my son was sick and  home from school. Dressed in sweats, no makeup and hair not done, I answered the doorbell and there stood my old college boyfriend, who was passing through town and stopped by to say hello!!! I wanted to D.I.E.
I am not one who likes to work in my pajamas. I find that if I get going and shower, do face and hair and dress and be ready for the day by no later than 8 am, I can be my most productive.
Favorite work outfits for me, depending on the season, are usually knit yoga pants or leggings, a tunic or lightweight sweater, and some low heeled boots or Rocket Dog shoes. I run up and down the stairs to my sewing studio numerous times a day and need shoes with good traction! Comfort and ease of movement  are my major considerations for my day which includes sewing, monogramming, and pattern design. I may be down on the floor or digging in the closet

If I have to run out during the day at a moment's notice, and need to look a bit more polished , I can slip on a pair of boots or ballerina flats, a good looking jacket, and look pulled together without a lot of effort!! (the jacket hides most of the threads and lint clinging to my clothes!!)
So what is your daily routine and how do you dress for a day of creating at home??

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Baby on board!!!

No more time to be lazy around here!! Baby Colby Jane is due to arrive March 27 and she needs some new outfits!! (really??) I know that there is a huge stash of hand-me-downs from her big brother and big sister and I have seen her closet that mommy has already organized to the hilt, so I say "need" with tongue in cheek!! But she must have some things that are made uniquely for her!!

This morning I am in my sewing room going through my fabrics, pulling out patterns by The Old Fashioned Baby and looking expectantly into all my UFO's hoping to find anything that will give me a head start!

One project that I am already stitching on is a pram cover that I started for her big brother Holt, over 6 years ago!! He came early and I never finished it, nor did I finish it for big sister Lacey Claire, who also came a bit early!! Hmm, maybe I should wait until AFTER Colby Jane is born to work on this thing!!
You can see how dog-eared this copy of Sew Beautiful Issue #104 is!!
It, the project and all the supplies have been in my hand work basket all these years! 
This is such a gorgeous blanket. It has a shadow embroidered design of a rocking horse, pull toy, puppy, duck, lamb, bunny, bear, blocks,  birds, lots of flowers, and all of these are set upon a ribbon, which is
 tied into a bow at the top. The center area is filled with white granitos. I haven't counted them, but it is A LOT!!! The pram cover is finished with a lace-edged ruffle. It is made of Swiss batiste.

Well, the shadow embroidery is almost finished . This little portion is all that is left on the outer design.

and then it is on to those granitos!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Beautiful monogram

Today, I want to show you this beautiful font I used to stitch on a little pillow!

For fonts and pillows such as this one,  or other projcts where I want an heirloom look,  I prefer to use cotton thread to stitch the embroidery.
The majority of embroidery projects today are stitched with a polyester or rayon embroidery thread, which is both strong and will not fade or bleed.
Since I am now using a different machine to do all my monogramming and embroidery, I need a larger spool of thread than I was able to use on the old machine. I had no cotton thread in a large spool, other than thread for my serger. At the advice of my friend Laurie Anderson, I decided to try the embroidery using the serger thread. I was extremely pleased with the outcome. Now, if you are going to monogram or embroidery on a project of a very fine nature, such as antique linens or a christening gown, I would suggest you invest in a spool of very fine quality cotton thread.

                                 Enjoy and hope this inspires you to create something beautiful!!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

The Last of the Christmas Vignettes

And until another year
good-bye little deer!!

And now I am on to reorganizing my laundry room!!!
(a la Pinterest!!!)

Happy New Year!!!


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