Friday, April 29, 2011

The Forgotten Woman

I have heard it said the the mother of the groom is the "Forgotten Woman" in the festivities surrounding a wedding. How poignant that sentiment seems today.

I admit, I was a Diana-watcher and was broken-hearted when she left us. I loved seeing her transform from the shy young girl she was when she became a royal to the fashion icon when she passed away. So, I can't help but wonder what she would have chosen to wear today, had she lived.
I love this photo of her. It is so hard to believe she would be 50 this year!

It would be hard to top the mother of the bride in today's wedding, as Mrs. Middleton looked stunning!

But I know that Princess Diana would have been a show-stopper!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Relief for our Alabama friends

Posted by Fairytale Frocks and Lollipops blog

We were all shocked this morning when we started hearing about the massive tornados that ripped through Alabama yesterday and last night. One of our dear friends, Samantha Caffee from "The Handmade Dress" was deeply affected as her entire community was destroyed as the storms came through. Dawn from Olabelhe is very close to Samantha and was able to reach Samantha this morning and they spoke briefly about the nightmare the people there are currently facing. In Samantha's own words..."I've never seen anything like this before....It looks like a bomb struck here!" Samantha and her family are safe and they still have their home but they are just one of a handful of lucky people to still have a home to go home to. Dawn is organizing a relief effort to help Samantha's community and if you would like to help please contact Dawn for more information. Her email address is We at FF&L are also working on our own relief effort asking our designers to donate the proceeds of their pattern sales through the weekend to help! Starting at midnight tonight through Sunday evening 100% of the sales of our E-Patterns will go to help Alabama!

Thank you Terri and Dawn for organizing this!!

Til the Storm passes by

A friend posted the words to this old hymn a few days ago and I have sung this to myself over and over to myself the past few days during the constant watches, warnings and sirens.
It was so bad in the St. Louis area and following that storm West Tennessee was under numerous tornado and severe thunderstorm watches and warnings for three days. We had over a foot of rain and many roads damaged from all the water.
Of course, this is nothing compared to what our neighbors to the south of us in Alabama have suffered and even the tip of Tennessee, along the state line and many other places so numerous.
We know, personally, a little bit of what they are going through. It was almost 1 year ago, May 1, that our business was hit by a tornado and most of our business property was destroyed. Thankfully, we were not there as it happened early on a Sunday morning, so we were not injured and it was not our home. We were fortunate indeed.
But even though we escaped injury, the aftermath was emotionally and physically trying. We were still able to carry on with our business but had to add to that dealing with the cleanup , FEMA, SBA, insurance, trying to locate records, repairs and materials, someone to do the work, moving our office equipment to the house and the list goes on and on.
So, please pray for those affected in any way by these terrible storms. And if you live near any of the areas, if you can, take someone a plate of cookies or a sandwich, lend a hand or let them know you are praying for them. Trust me, it will mean everything to them.

In the dark of the midnight,
Have I oft hid my face;
While the storm howls above me,
And there's no hiding place;
'Mid the crash of the thunder,
Precious Lord, hear my cry;
"Keep me safe 'til the storm passes by."

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Great pattern giveaway and a sale!!

I am teaming up with Lindsay at her wonderful blog The Cottage Home for a pattern giveaway and a sale on my patterns!! Go pay Lindsay a visit and have a look around her blog, she has lots to spark your interest and an adorable etsy shop as well!!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Patience in the Garden

I have never claimed to be a great gardener, certainly not like my parents or my sister, who is a fantastic gardener. But I do love to walk in my garden (yard) this time of year, early in the morning with the sun coming up and my cup of coffee, looking to see what may have bloomed over night.
This is one of the areas in which I have to exercise patience!! The azaleas in my yard have been in bloom for over two weeks now.
 And my lilacs are almost gone now, but the knock-out roses are in full bloom!!!

One of my favorites, is this Clematis. I have tried for years to be successful with Clematis, and finally have one that blooms faithfully. Any day now!!!!This one has saucer-sized white blooms.

Here is new one, just planted last year, but it has two blooms!!!

And while our state flower , the Iris, is blooming abundantly in everyone else's yard here, I await patiently!!!

 A surprise this morning, I don't remember my hydrangeas having blooms quite this early!!

In  The Garden

I come to the garden alone
while the dew is still on the roses
And the voice I hear
Falling on mine ear
The Son of God discloses

And, He walks with me
And, He talks with me
And, He tells me I am His own
And, the joy we share as we tarry there
None other, has ever, known.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Design Contest!!!

I am sponsoring a design contest using my two best selling patterns: the Irby and the Millie. For details, sign up for my newsletter!!!

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Sewing

 This version of the "Irby" pattern  is made with fabric and trims from Fairytale Frocks and Lollipops

 These rompers are made from the "Millie" pattern

Friday, April 1, 2011

The sewing times, they are a'changing

Back in the day, when I was a child, my mother made everything my sister and I wore, as well as things for the home.

Preparing for a sewing project was an event. Mother and her sewing partner would  load all the kids in the car, drive to town, an hour away,  check out the styles in the department stores, and start sketching (they had never heard of copyright infringement back then!! ).
Next , they would visit the fabric store and pick out the fabrics and supplies, then come home and set out to sew, usually making up their patterns as they went. We had beautiful clothes.
When I began to sew for my children, no one in my group of friends sewed, so I was kind of alone in my endeavor. I  knew how I wanted my childrens' clothes to look, but finding out how to go about it was another matter altogether. Soon, I learned about heirloom sewing, and shortly thereafter, I discovered Sew Beautiful magazine. There was hardly any fabric stores around and certainly no heirloom shops in my area. And I had no way of knowing where one was. I finally managed to collect a few patterns and books and taught myself heirloom techniques by machine. Most patterns were involved, complicated and required tracing the master pattern. With gathering up all the supplies, sometimes, it would take me weeks to complete a project. A less determined person would have thrown their hands up in frustration, I believe.
Over the last several years, the Internet and technology has changed the way we sew in many ways. There are now digital patterns galore for just about any project you can imagine. And you can have those patterns in a matter of minutes Great for when inspiration strikes in the middle of the night!!.And many allow you to finish a project in a short amount of time, like while the children are napping. Presto, cute outfit!! If you are unsure how to do a certain technique, just Google it and you will most likely find a tutorial with a video.A real boon, when again, you are stuck and it is the middle of the night!! People who sew are connected by blogs, chat forums and other social media and forming friendships that were never before possible. There is usually someone online, no matter what the time, that will help you!! Many sewing shops are online and that allows you to shop at your leisure. Great for when you can't get to a shop before they close.
There was a time when the art of sewing was something only "grandmothers" did. Today,  more and more young women are sewing  ( and so are grandmothers!!) and I believe sewing has never been more popular. Witness the thousands of young women and mothers who sell their handmades on websites, Facebook, ebay, etsy and blogs. Technology has allowed many to be stay at home moms, and dress their children in cute clothes for a fraction of the store-bought cost or supplement their family's income.
So while much has changed the way we sew, some things have not. There is just no way I know  to download fabric or lace and a trip to the fabric shop is STILL an event for me!!!!


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