Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Organizing the sewing stuff

OK, I admit it: I am almost obsessed with looking at sewing rooms on the Internet. I found one the other day that I loved and now i can't remember where it was!
Last summer, I reorganized but it was mostly just cleaning up and moving things around. You can read about that here. I have been on an organizing kick since the first of the year. I now have the entire upstairs of my home cleaned up, cleaned out and organized!! It is a great feeling!!!
The last few weeks have been a sewing and designing frenzy. Needless to say, the sewing room has become a disaster area. Time to clean it up!! I cannot function in chaos despite all those cute slogans proclaiming creativity and chaos being the same or whatever, that just doesn't work for me. I have to have order. Well, at least some of the time.
I had never gotten around to organizing my "stuff", you know, the glue gun, the elastic, all the lace and trims, buttons, Bedazzler© and so on. I could never find certain things because I didn't have "like- things together".
Here is my "stuff" closet before:

                                                                The sewing room during

 The office during
 The "stuff" closet after

 These three drawer units formerly hid below the cutting table, under the skirt. Very hard to get to or find anything.

I now have all the like things together and labeled in these drawers that are just the right size. Ideally, I would have liked some nicer units in here other than plastic, but these really work for me , and I have everything right at my fingertips.
 Here is the office after. I have set up a packaging area where I package patterns for shipment, wrap custom orders for pick up or shipping and even gift wrap.I have all my packaging and wrapping supplies stored here and it makes life so much easier!!

                                     This is where I keep my pattern original sketches, and my sketchbooks
Computer desk

I keep fabric in these cabinets. I really love the idea of  pretty fabrics folded and stacked on open shelves. It is such a great design element to a sewing room. But I personally think it is better to keep them in a closed area to prevent fading and dust.

 All done

Saturday, March 19, 2011

New pattern giveaway!!

I hope you will go over to Facebook and enter my giveaway for my new pattern. Along with the pattern Fairytale Frocks and Lillipops are giving away a $25 gift certificate for fabric!! What a great deal!! The rules are very simple, nothing complicated and confusing. Simply go HERE and "like" my page, then leave a comment under the post about the giveaway!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sew Beautiful preview

This is one of my designs, a sweet sunsuit that will be in the July issue of Sew Beautiful!! The pattern will be included in the centerfold.


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