Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 The year of the roller coaster!!

I don't like to be negative or talk about sad things, but honestly, this is one year I am glad to bid adieu! This year has been wrought with grief and change in our family. But there have been some happy things as well, so really I do have things to be thankful for!
As many of you know, this is the year that we lost our oldest grandson Christopher (along with his mother, little sister and their exchange student). Our family is still dealing with this huge loss. We will forever.

Coincidentally, during the week of the funeral for him, three of our four children were moving. Talk about some chaos!!

As the summer went on, we found out that we were going to have another grandchild in the new year!! And we have since learned that it will be a baby girl, who, if her 4D ultrasound proves to be any indication, will look just like her big brother Holt!!! She has been named Colby Jane, Colby after her daddy's middle name and Jane after me!! Finally, after 10 grandchildren, I get one named for me!!! Woohoo!!

Our children have had some great things happen: one got a dream job, one opened her own practice, one took an amazing trip to Thailand, and then one has lived through yet another heart-breaking event.

I have found that with 4 married children and 10 grandchildren, there are always heartbreaks and disapointments, but oh, the joys!!!! They continue to bless us everyday.

The events of the year, mostly dealing with loss, threw me off my game as a clothing designer. I had managed to get only one pattern published:

Then , at the end of August, I had a business opportunity fall into my lap. A design firm wanted me to do their monogramming. So, what did I do? I bought a new embroidery machine, a 6 needle home business machine.

I monogrammed and appliqued all fall, filling tons of orders. Learning this machine was quite a leaning curve but I happily adapted. I have really enjoyed learning the software that came with it! I did manage to sew the back to the front  of tee shirts on a few early samples!!

After Thanksgiving (which was a fiasco in this family, I won't go into) my hubs and I went on a short trip to New York City. A fabulous fun filled 5 days of shopping and shows.

Next thing I knew, it was time for Christmas and I wasn't ready!!! I had not put up as many decorations as usual, didn't have all my gifts bought, much less wrapped, and had not baked and cooked as much. I found myself scurrying to get SOMETHING, anything, done. This WON'T happen next year!!
The tree looked pretty good, though!

We always have all the kids here on the weekend before Christmas, which, this year was December 17. We have gifts and heavy finger foods and a lot of playing. We had a great weekend. Come Monday morning, the hubs and I weren't feeling too well and by noon we had gotten word that one of our grandson's had tested positive for Flu A. From there, sickness of some form had ravaged over half of the family. It was a pretty miserable week before Christmas and what I hadn't gotten done, just didn't get done but we all survived!

So, here's to a great New Year!!! I hope that you all have a healthy, happy and prosperous 2012!!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"Do you blog?".. . . . . "Why, yes, I do. . .

well, I used to, anyway!! I have been away from it for a while, it seems. Where has the time gone, where has the Fall gone?

Part of my absence is due to Matilda, my new 6-needle embroidery machine that I got earlier in the fall.  A new embroidery machine had not been in my plans nor my desires. But I was approached by 3 interior design and gift shops to do their monogramming, and the machine I had was not up to the job. So, a new machine was in order!

I love to embroider  monograms, and I love the look of a beautifully stitched monogrammed item, such as table, bed and bath linens. I also love monogrammed children's clothing.

When I finally surfaced from the orders I have had, it was time for Christmas! And may I add right here, I am not ready!! I have my gifts bought, but not wrapped, I have up the tree and some decorations, but nothing like what I usually do. I have bought the ham for our dinner this weekend, but not baked the first cookie!!
This is soooooo NOT ME!!!!

Somewhere in there, I did manage to make these dresses for two of the grands and several appliqued tees for 5 of the grands for their casual wear.
We also made a trip to New York City the first weekend in December.

I left home with boxes of decorations scattered all over the house!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?????

But, in retrospect, this is not the usual Christmas. We have had a difficult year. And as my friend Beki said in her blog post "Letting Go",  this year, I'm not Martha!!!! and it's OK. I just don't want to go setting any precedents!!! Next year is another year and I will be back on my game!!!


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