Friday, September 23, 2011

YAY Fall . . . .

It rained last night and we awoke to much cooler temps!! It is still cloudy and this type of day gets me in the mood to cook! Not something I am usually in the mood for!!

I have done some preparation for the fall season already. My closet has been changed out from summer tanks, capris and shorts to comfy, snuggly sweaters, boots and jackets.

I have "fall-erized" in the house with pumpkins, mums and my favorite candles, Aromatique's "Cinnamon n Cider". LOOOOOOVE this fragrance!!!!

Think I'll go get out the cinnamon and bake something!!

1 comment:

Linda@Coastal Charm said...'s soooo good to welcome the season after our VERY HOT summer:) Look I have that same silver pumpkin!!!



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