Friday, September 23, 2011

A peek into my closet!

I think all of us who love clothes and fashion, dream of a great big walk-in closet with lots of storage. (My sister has a fabulous one!!)

We live in a very old house and storage and closets are at a minimum.

So, we have to be very creative with storage space.

When we bought  and remodeled this house, we had to put my closet under the stairway, which  was beside a hallway we had closed up.
For my birthday a few years ago, my husband remodeled my tiny little closet and I could not be happier with it! I still love it in all it's tiny-ness!
I grew up in my mother's dress shop and have always loved clothes and fashion. I still do, but over the years, my wardrobe needs have changed considerably and I have learned what works best for me. Less is more!!
Because this closet was once a hallway, it is 36" wide and the units we bought fit in PERFECTLY!!!!!

The smallness of my closet forces me to keep only what I know I will be wearing for the season. My out of season clothes are stored upstairs in the guest room closet.

                  This premade unit from Lowe's fit exactly in the area that was the former hallway.

The top and bottom cabinets are for shoes. The two middle drawers are for undies and jammies.

Open shelves for boots, and more cabinets where I keep tees and tanks in one and knit pants in the bottom one.

I love this little set of drawers. It keeps lots of accessories neatly folded or stored.

The bench came from my mother's closet and the tiny dressing "table" I found at TJMax.

Hope you enjoyed the little tour!!

1 comment:

Jerry said...

Sara, will you please come do my closet?! How wonderful....a place for everything!


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