Monday, July 4, 2011

Transforming the Family room --Stupid Carpet Glue

Here is the room almost cleaned out. The sofa has now gone to the upholsterer's.

All it takes to make this man happy is the remote control!!

Carpet is up, walls are painted, and now this is what we are facing--

 Lots and lots of carpet glue

 All of the glue has to be removed in order for the concrete stain to penetrate the concrete.

The carpet was put down with carpet glue, as I mentioned before, 20 years ago.
The removal of carpet glue is not for the faint of heart.
Here is what we have tried in order to find out how to go about the removal:

Called Lowe's paint department--clueless
Called Home Depot's paint department--clueless
Called Stanley Steamer--can't use their equipment on concrete
Talked to salesman at Sherwin Williams--suggested we go with hardwood
Tried hot boiling water--works pretty well, until the water cools on the concrete
Bought two different sized scrapers- works pretty good if you have about 3 months of spare time and a whole lotta elbow grease.
Talked to professional concrete stainer--suggested a variety of industrial type sanders/grinders only available in a town 1.5 hours away
Bought a highly toxic adhesive remover--very scary and very little success
Rented a floor sander with varying grits of sandpaper- got quite a bit of the top layer off but not down to the bare concrete/$65 a day-might work if used daily for a couple weeks
(by this point, hardwood beginning to be more attractive option)
Got out my steam iron--placed wet rag over glue and held the iron, on high setting , directly on rag for several minutes. This worked quite well, the glue seems to respond to heat. But how long would it take to "iron" 432 square feet? We are now on day 13.
Back to the internet for research and came upon a product called Citrus King,
          Called them and they told me they had only had two occasions where the product did not work 
            (thinking we might be #3, I ordered it, hoping that it might arrive by Saturday via FedEx)
                    That would give us a couple days during the holiday weekend to work on it. The lady at  
                                the  company told me not to count on it being here by then.
FedEX did indeed come Saturday morning, we were both out, and they did not leave it, as the shipment required a signature! FedEx won't re-deliver until Wednesday!
Big time bummer!
Might as well just enjoy the holiday!!!


Kellie said...

Admire your determination! Have a happy fourth and rest up for Wednesday!!!!

Laurie said...

Enjoy the week end! We are still working on the landscape project we started in 2003. Hopefully, this is the last 2 yards of dirt to shovel.

I understand your frustration with the carpet glue.

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

What a job! I hope this product works for you and you can get on with the renovation.

Cherished Treasures said...

I wish you success with the Citrus King product. I have used a similar product made with citrus oil called Goo Gone. It works great on most anything including Tar, you just have to let it sit a while and soak to soften the adhesive, then scrapes of very easily.

Best wishes, Carol


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