Monday, July 11, 2011

The glue is gone--part 4

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Remember this?

 Can we say "in over our heads"?

After trying everything under the sun to remove this thickly applied carpet glue, we were about to give up and go with hardwood flooring.
Then my sister had gotten the name of a "concrete man", whom I called immediately to see if he could help in any way.
He came over immediately. It turns out that he lives just up the street from us!
He went to work on this floor with a diamond polisher and today it looks like this!!

Andrew of Cornerstone Concrete Floor Designs is my newest best friend!
 You can click on the link to see more of his work!
Tomorrow, he will apply the stain.


Axelmommy said...

Very cool. Glad you were able to find a solution. It always amazes me how much more complicated or involved most home improvement type projects become.

We bought Alyssa a desk Friday. This became rearranging/reorganizing her room, rearranging part of the living area in the basement, and hopefully putting some furniture on craigslist. We aren't done yet.

Kellie said...

Amazing! I know you're relieved! Looked forward to seeing the finished floor! Happy Monday to you!

Laurie said...

That is fantastic that you were able to have the glue removed.

I'm real curious about how stained concrete will look. Won't concrete be a cold on the feet?

Marlis said...

Oh Sara, isn't it wonderful how providence is so happenchance to us.. Love that it all worked out. Good thing to know about removing that glue. A previous owner of this house or two ago glued indoor outdoor carpet to the landings outside.. ooh the mess they left when someone took them up.. now I know what to do! Thanks.. hugs

Cindy said...

Love the way the concrete looks now, can't wait to see what you have him do to it. I want to have some concrete work done.


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