Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We're OK


 "May your unfailing love be my comfort" Psalms 119:76

I have had so many people still writing me and inquiring how we are doing. We are OK, and doing as well as is possible, and we are so appreciative of all the prayers and concern.
It has been hard to blog lately. I have written several drafts and then never publish them. Nothing has sounded quite right.
So, I thought I had better get something out there so you wouldn't forget me!!
I have tried to stay very busy and I have several projects underway at the moment. I am working on a new pattern, which I hope to get published soon.
We have also begun a redecorating project that is going slower than I would like! I plan to blog about this soon. It is quite a transformation so far. The project is our family room and it involves painting the room, and tearing out the 20 year old carpet. We are going to attempt to stain the concrete that is underneath the carpet. The carpet was glued down, so that will be the most labor intensive part.
The sofa is going today to the upholsterer's. I had bought fabric over a year ago for it and then in January I bought fabric for the draperies. I have since changed my mind on both of those. I will tell you later what I decided to use for them both!
At the moment I am working on an order for an heirloom blanket.
I am thankful for the projects!


ShirleyC said...

It's good to see you post, but I can certainly relate.
You and your family have been through a lot. Healing takes time, and no matter how busy you stay, it only takes a moment to reflect back to that sadness.
That is normal. Just take care and hug on each other as much as possible.

Laurie said...

I'm glad to see your post too! It does take time and prayer.

Enjoyed your Sew Beautiful project. It is so cute!

Jan M said...

You are often on my mind and in my thoughts. The renovation project sounds exciting -- and exhausting!

Martha said...

So glad to see you pop in and say hi! I have had you on my mind. Hang in there and take each day as it comes. As I know you will. HUGS


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