Thursday, May 26, 2011

wedding dress remake

The original dress is a 1970's era dress and is made into a little dress for the niece of the bride to wear to the wedding and to also wear as a dedication dress.

This was really a hard project!! I had never worked with a wedding dress of this era or with this type trim, which is heavy, cotton Venice lace bridal trim. So, trying to make this work for a tiny 9 month old took a lot of figuring and planning!
Here is what I finally came up with. I love The Old Fashioned Baby pattern Baby Rose so I decided to go with it for the basic dress design.I used a lovely silk and cotton blend fabric that has a lovely, soft sheen,  ina very pale ivory for the dress and then overlaid that with a white cotton voile. The sleeves are made in the voile only.

To counteract the heaviness of the bridal trim, I added some fine French lace, insertion and entredeux in ecru to match the bridal trim in color. For the focal point of the dress, I used the bodice feature of the bridal gown, but had to cut and cut to make it fit on this small a dress!

The trim of the wedding veil was used at the hem of the under part of the dress. The silk and cotton fabric looks very shiny in this photo, when in fact it is much softer.

I love the way the top of this pattern is styled with the raglan sleeves. I think that it allows a longer wearing period, when made this way.


Kellie said...

What a wonderful treasure!

Julia said...

This makes me wonder if I should cut up my 1972 wedding dress to make something special for my grands. Hum?


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