Monday, May 30, 2011


My sister and her husband  built this beautiful home about 18 years ago and now have decided to move on to other pursuits in their lives,so Swansong is now for sale.

It makes me sad in a way, as our family has spent many wonderful hours at this home with them. Swansong has been an enormous part of mine and my husband's lives as well as my children's and now my grandchildren's lives.
My sister and her husband have opened their home to friends and family over the years in an extensive list of occasions.
They hosted the wedding receptions of our two children

We have rejoiced and celebrated as we welcomed the new additions to the family

and gathered to commemorate the life of one who has passed on

We have had birthday celebrations,

 Mother's Day,

and Christmas Eve's,

 and been a part of their annual Dove Shoot

We have performed

danced the night away

and learned to drive

taken boat rides

and entertained celebrities!

Every visit to this home is a feast for the eyes!!!

Hope you have enjoyed my reminicing !!
For a virtual tour of the rooms and grounds of this home, click here
I have often thought this home would be a wonderful place for a retreat (like my personal favorite: sewing!!!) or a gentleman's hunt lodge, a spa or a bed and breakfast!!


Rebecca said...

What a lovely home. I fully understand your heart...

Blessings for a lovely day Miss Sara~


Goosegirl said...

Oh my goodness! What a lovely home! What a blessing it has been to your family. Thank you for sharing the gorgeous pics. I can understand why you would be sad to see your sister move on from this home.


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