Thursday, April 28, 2011

Relief for our Alabama friends

Posted by Fairytale Frocks and Lollipops blog

We were all shocked this morning when we started hearing about the massive tornados that ripped through Alabama yesterday and last night. One of our dear friends, Samantha Caffee from "The Handmade Dress" was deeply affected as her entire community was destroyed as the storms came through. Dawn from Olabelhe is very close to Samantha and was able to reach Samantha this morning and they spoke briefly about the nightmare the people there are currently facing. In Samantha's own words..."I've never seen anything like this before....It looks like a bomb struck here!" Samantha and her family are safe and they still have their home but they are just one of a handful of lucky people to still have a home to go home to. Dawn is organizing a relief effort to help Samantha's community and if you would like to help please contact Dawn for more information. Her email address is We at FF&L are also working on our own relief effort asking our designers to donate the proceeds of their pattern sales through the weekend to help! Starting at midnight tonight through Sunday evening 100% of the sales of our E-Patterns will go to help Alabama!

Thank you Terri and Dawn for organizing this!!

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