Friday, February 11, 2011

When tears make you happy

Whenever I make a christening gown, I always hold my breath until my client sees it and is satisfied.
I always secretly hope that I have created something that will take her breath away.
This is my latest christening gown and I presented it to my client today.

She had a great deal of input into the design, as she knew exactly what she wanted. I made suggestions on this and that and added some design elements that she had not thought of, one being to incorporate the lace from her grandmother's handkerchief.

I used the vintage hanky lace on the outside of the lace insertion.

This is the hem

This is the cap

The defining moment came when she first glanced the gown: she gasped and then she wept.
and then I wept with her.
And we were both very happy!


Kellie said...

Absolutely exquisite work! Bravo!

Laurie said...

Ohhhh soooooo precious, Sara - LOVE the gown, but I love the tears even more!!!

Jeannie B. said...

What a lovely Christening Gown. The sweetest of all baby clothes to make!

Ellie Inspired said...

It took my breath away too the first time I saw it. You do such gorgeous work - I'm glad the lady recognized your skill and all the hours you put into it!

LMP said...

I love the Christening gown, Sara. It is absolutely beautiful. You did a fabulous job! Very worthy of this special occasion. I am glad you got such a great reaction from your client, because it is amazing.

Jan M said...

There was no way she could not love it! So happy for both of you!

Smocking with Gwen said...

Sara...this is so perfectly exquisite! There obviously weren't any regrets in using Grandmother's hanky lace....wonderful addition to this heirloom.

Nancy's Couture said...

There are no words! It takes my breath away too!

everythingsewing said...

Sara, the dress is just breath taking. I know the lady was beyond thrilled to see her dream come to life in your hands.


Judy said...

Sara, this is beautiful. Your work is gorgeous.

Martha said...

How wonderful! What is not to love. And a treasure to have the vintage lace from the grandmother's hanky. Gorgeous work as always.

Susie said...

This is so gorgeous! All of your pictures featuring your work are beautiful. I am very impressed. I feel the same way when I do a Reborn Doll for a client. I always hold my breath until I know they are satisfied.


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