Friday, February 25, 2011

Coming out of the sewing cave

When I am working on a new pattern, I feel like I am tied to the computer and sewing machine. So today I am taking a break and  tending to a few things I have neglected:

                                                                (well, maybe not that one)
 but most of all

this great guy!!! 


Laurie said...

When you get done with all those tasks could you come to my house - you can do all of them.....errr, cept the last one! hehe!

CAS said...


Julia said...

When I go upstairs from a day in my sewing "cave", as you put it, and see dirty dishes, laundry to fold and put away, drips of whatever on the floor, dust bunnies, etc.....I am jerked back into a reality I don't like! But, I do have to get to these things if I want to go back to my cave.

Claire Meldrum said...

Gee, I retreat to my sewing cave when I want to *avoid* all those tasks...I keep waiting for the housekeeping fairies - clearly, I'm not sprinkling enough magic dust. Got lots of the regular kind, though :)



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