Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A vision in White Lace

               I am joining Kathleen's beautiful blog, Faded Charm for "White Wednesday".
     I hope you will drop by there and take a look at some fabulous postings

                      I simply adore sweet little baby bonnets!! What could be more precious than this:

. . . or this

.. . .or this

. . . . . or this???

I love seeing a child's face surrounded by sweet little details

Ribbon and embroidery

Big bows and little rosettes


and lots of lace!!!!!

The first bonnet pictured  is now available as a pattern
or a kit!!


Jeannie B. said...

I agree, nothing could be nicer than a baby in a bonnet. Those babies are so cute!! Love your White Wednesday!

Marlis said...

Bonnets are babies!!! Those are some beautiful ones.

Janet said...

The bonnets are SO sweet and precious! I just love their vintage look!

dandelionavenue said...

Lovely! I love bonnets too. Babies look so sweet and angelic in them.

Teri said...

Just beautiful. I love them all.

Julia said...

I, too, love babies in bonnets. I think my favorites are ones made from a family heirloom handkerchief or some other family linen. But, these are so very beautiful. Thanks for sharing these photos.
Our church makes bonnets for babies being baptized from handkerchiefs that can then be carried as a handkerchief by the bride or groom when he/she gets married as the something old.

Angela said...

Those bonnets are so pretty and the delicate lace makes them even more precious.
The babies are so cute, I love your post.


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