Sunday, January 30, 2011

My new Sewing room friend

Isn't she a sweet little girl?

This was a display piece that we had for several years in the shop.
She modeled a variety of things: scarves, jewelry , baby caps and bonnets
and the like.
I ws thinking about her earlier in the Fall and asked my sister if she knew where this little girl was and she
said, "Yes, she is in my guest room".
fast forward to December 24
This was  my Christmas present from my sister.
Nothing could have pleased me more!!
My sister and I have a little Christmas tradition between just the two of us. We always try to out-do the other on our gifts that she and I exchange.
It has nothing to do with how much the gift costs, it has everything to do with what the other would really, really love, creativity and originality.
Sometimes, we laugh and say "I'm going to let you be the winner this year".
My sister definately won this year!!
Now , she is a nice little companion in my sewing room, who is always willing to model bonnets for me!

1 comment:

Jan M said...

The very best kind of gifts -- straight from the heart! I love your little friend.
We have a similar bust that once belonged to my in-laws. She has a little brass plate with "Penelope" engraved on it. Penelope is currently in our living room. Maybe I should think about moving her to my sewing room!


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