Sunday, November 7, 2010

You know Christmas is coming around here. . .

well, "I"  know when it's coming, anyway!!! I have gotten lax over the last few years with all my preparations for Christmas. I have always LOVED it and have had all kinds of traditions that I did without fail. When my children grew up and moved out, I think I got to where I thought, they aren't here to see all this, so why go to all that trouble. No, actually, I think what it is, is that I got older and lazier!!
But, this year is different!! I have had  most all my shopping done for two weeks now. I ordered my gift wrap, fabulous ribbon, gift tags and tissue all standing at the ready and I may actually start wrapping this week!!
I have baked breads and made perserves for gift baskets and casseroles for busy evenings and put in the freezer. Got my favorite candles (Aromatique's "Cinnamon n Cider) and flavored coffee (Pumpkin Spice) to fill the air and set the atmosphere!! And most important of all is my Christmas music: listened to the CD's all day Saturday!!
The way I know that Christmas "is-a comin" is that the floor of my office is piled high with all the gifts, wrappings and paraphinalia I have gathered that is essential for my mood!!
This year, I may do something I have NEVER done: put up the tree for Thanksgiving!! I have a dear friend, who is now in Heaven, that alwasy did that. When asked why, she would always simply say "Because it is so festive"
And "festive" is the word of the hour around my house!!!


Shelia said...

Hi Sara! I love the new look of your blog!!
Oh, I'm so impressed - got your shopping all done! Wow! I always 'want' to do that but never quite get it done.
Guess what? We always put our tree up after Thanksgiving lunch and have done that for over 30 years!
Merry Christmas! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Ellie Inspired said...

Oh Sara, I am so JEALOUS! You will really be able to just relax and enjoy your holidays now that all your shopping and baking is done and if you do your decorating early this year too. Lucky you!

Kirstie said...

Hey may already know about this but from one Christmas Carol lover to another I thought I'd share it. Go to Pandora, create an account (it's free). You then can start to create your own personal radio stations that will play music that fits your taste. For instance, I have a christmas station that plays classic carols and one that's jazz instrumental carols...and many more! You'll love it...just keep it on your computer and you can listen to it. If you happen to have an iphone you can play it on there too!

Marlis said...

Love your blog!!!! I'm impressed that all your shopping is done, and you have plans to put up the tree early, we are still deciding whether to buy a new tree...

Glad the tip with the sheets worked..

Laurie said...

Ok, your post just got me in the festive mood! I haven't done one bit of Christmas shopping yet, but then my christmas gift giving list isn't all that long or too bad - I think my parents and in-laws are the hardest to buy for - the rest is just plain fun!
I hope you post pics on your blog when you start decorating your home!


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