Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Well, FIRST of all. . . .

the light is out in my sewing room. Not too bad in there in the morning hours, but you can forget it  by afternoon. It is like a dungeon. Called the man last week, hasn't shown up yet. I think it is the ballast, of which, I have a new one at the ready, along with new bulbs. Heck, I think I'll just high-tail it over to Lowe's tomorrow and buy myself a chandelier. Been wanting one in there anyway. You can always count on a chandelier, they never have these problems.
Then had  Lacey (whom I adore) today and sewed like a fiend during her little nap (my back is killing me. need a new sewing chair, too)
Earlier in the day, I noticed we had no hot water. Now, we got one of those new fangled tankless numbers a while back, and have had a number of problems with it, but it seemd to have worked itself out, after many calls to the help hotline. Once I realized it wasn't working itself out, it was after hours for the help hotline, so I got online looking at the manuel to see what the error code meant. My error code wasn't listed. Nice hot soak in the tub will have to wait. My darling hub (whom I adore) is is out of town, not that  that would have made one bit of difference on the hot water situation. The man is the love of my life , amazing in many ways, spoils me rotten, but Mr. Fixit, he is not.
Then, I gathered up all my sewing projects to do the hand work while watching my favorite show, "Dancing With The Stars". Of course, since I was going downstairs anyway, I picked up several other various items that needed to be put away. Arms full, got to the bottom of the stairs and forgot that I had put up the baby gate to keep Lacey off the stairs, knocked it off and somehow, the thing hit me in the BACK!!
Watching the clock, so I don't miss "DWTS", I realize I haven't eaten today so i am trying to figure out if I have time to run to Sonic for a burger. The phone rings. It is my darling daughter in law, (whom I adore)asking if I am able to watch Millie (whom i adore) a couple hours tomorrow. (well,of course!!!) We have a nice LONNNNNNG chat.
Nuke a Lean Cuisine (yummmm) and get all settled in to watch my program. Two bites, and phone rings. It is my darling daughter (whom I adore) telling me how great her homemade spaghetti sauce turned out!!!!!
Ever have a day like this????


Grandma Ellen said...

Yes! We have had similar days like this recently. Only our latest domestic annoyance is the alarm system that is going off for no reason at 2 AM....

Jan M said...

Hope the night was better, providing you and your sore back much needed rest! I do believe you deserve that chandelier, too!

ShirleyC said...

Oh yes, I know how frustrating all of these little things can be when they all pile up. We've had a lot of that kind of stuff lately too.
Yesterday was a terrible day for me. I did a blog post about it just to help me realize how blessed I am.


Goosegirl said...

You made me giggle, because, sadly, many of my days are like that right now. But I think things will start to settle down eventually, right? Hope that lean cuisine finally made it into your tummy!

Rettabug said...

Sara, you just described EVERY day of my life...except for the hot water tank...bummer on that!
Seems like all I do is take 2 steps forward & one step back in accomplishing all that I want to do.

I think a pretty chandy would be a lovely gift to yourself! Also, a Homedic heat/massage thingy for your back. Oh...and the new chair, too. LOL

Any chance that an electrical surge caused both the heater AND the light to blow out??? Just a thought.


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