Sunday, November 21, 2010

Custom made vs "Off-the-Rack"

If I had my way, I would sew everything my grandchildren wear. But, it just isn't possible for me to do that. Their mommies get as much fun, joy and pleasure buying for them as I do sewing for them, for one thing. Plus, I have to admit, I enjoy buying ready-mades for them too!!!
Such was the case last night in a department store. I spotted a really cute little dress that was so perfect for Christmas and just bespoke granddaughter Irby's name, that I couldn't leave it there. Yes, I could have made it, and it would have been much more well-made and elegant, but I couldn't have made it for that price (it was half-price!!)
This little dress is made of lightweight velour or panne velvet, I am not sure which. No, it is not heirloom and no, it is not the way I would have made it, but it has SPARKLES and FUR, and tulle RUFFLE on the slip, and she will absolutely love this PRINCESS dress!!! (I picture her wearing this on Christmas Sunday and it is snowing)
I am still a child at heart at Christmas, and this sometimes makes me lose all my sensibilities!!


Ellie Inspired said...

That is darling!! You could always recreate it in a couple of years for your younger granddaughters in a smaller size for the fun of it.

Bunny said...

That is a darling dress and Irby will absolutely love it, I am sure.

Laurie said...

Really darling, Sara! Sometimes there is a RTW that you just HAVE to have, and who knows, maybe you can someday create a pattern from it!


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