Monday, August 16, 2010

Fall Inspiration from Ottobre

Sewing for three these days has me searching for styles that are quick, but still cute with some style.
I got out my old back issues of Ottobre magazine for some design inspiration.
Found this little top that I thought was a really cute style for fall to wear with pants.

I have heard a lot of sewists, myself included, lament about having to trace the pattern pieces. But the styles are so cute and the instructions are so easy to understand,that to me , they are worth the effort. Not to mention, the finished garment looks great!!!
 Upon first glance at these pattern sheets, they appear to be an optical illision. The trick is to first check the color code that is listed on the sewing directions. The pattern piece lines, numbers and notes will be in that color.

Then, aclimate your eyes to the the correct color lines on the pattern sheet. (This may take a few minutes!!)
Once you have accomplished that (!), use a felt tipped marker and draw the lines for the size you need upon the pattern sheet. Next, lay a sheet of tissue paper (the kind you use for gift wrapping inside the gift box) on top of your drawn lines. Your drawn lines will be easy to see and trace.

Two other things to remember is to  1.--add seam allowances. For this particular pattern, I am using 1/4" SA's. And, for this one, I have found that I can go up a size, and not add the seam allowances and it will give me the finished size I need.
And 2.-- be sure to note any other tips on the general sewing instructions page. In particular, the SA's are already added to the pattern pieces for hems and facings.
I will post photos in a few days when I get the sets finished.


Laurie said...

Altho I hate tracing them off, I do love ottobre magazine's patterns - they are just tooooo adorable! I can't wait to see your finished garment!

Josh Healy said...

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