Friday, June 4, 2010

Smocked bubble romper

Here is Lacey wearing her mommy's smocked bubble I made for her over 25 years ago. It always amazes me when her mommy pulls something out from the box of clothes I saved, for Lacey to wear. They look as good as they did way back then.

It is also amazing to see how my work has improved over all those years. When I was making all those clothes for Elizabeth (Lacey's mother), I had no formal instruction and did everything "off the cuff". I didn't know about French seams and apparently didn't know too much about lace and trims, as it seems I rarely used any!!! Or maybe my memory is rusty, and really it is because the fabric is all I could afford!!!
This bubble had a matching smocked, stiff-brimmed bonnet , but , sadly, we cannot locate it.
The only picture I have of the bonnet is this one, my cousin's child wearing it for a photo with a bishop dress I had made for her. (and no, they don't have it either) I am sure it is in another box, lost somewhere in the dark recesses of my attic!!!


Julia said...

Oh so sweet! I saved a few things for my girls that their daughters have worn, too.

Martha said...

How adorable. Great minds must think alike, I just scheduled a similar post. That baby is so cute. And she looks precious in her mommy's bubble.

Cole's Corner said...

WOW!!! It is amazing how well it held up. How sweet!

Ellie Inspired said...

It must make you so proud to see your sweet grandbaby wearing something you made for her mother! It still looks perfect too. I love that bonnet too. It's a shame you can't find it but I bet you could whip up another one in no time!

Sophia said...

Adorable! I just love it.

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