Saturday, June 5, 2010

Quick, easy, fun, cute ruffles!!! Tutorial

Ruffles are a fun way to dress up or add a little jazz to a lot of things: a tee shirt, all kinds of children's clothes or even a throw pillow!!! I am going to show you a quick and easy way to make ruffles without all the extra finishing steps usually required for perfect ruffles. CAUTION: this tutorial is not intended for serious sewing!!
In general, most cotton fabrics cut on the bias do not tend to ravel. This tip works best on lightweight cotton fabrics such as batiste, lawn or pima cotton.
You will need:
Fabric to make bias strips
washout marker
A ruler
A rotary cutter
cutting mat
sewing machine

Let's begin!!!!

First, fold the edge of your fabric scrap over like this , to form a triangle. Press.

 Next, open the pressed piece and place the fold line along one of the grid lines on your cutting mat. (You can do this without all this equipment simply by marking the fabric and cutting with scissors)
Cut several one-inch wide strips of fabric.

Set your machine settings to a long stitch length and a tightened tension. You can play with the settings until you get the amount of gathers you like.

Put your strip under the presser foot and stitch down the center of the strip.
Notice how the fabric is gathering up behind the presser foot.

If you have tightened your tension too much, your ruffles may come out like this, in the photo below. Not to worry.
Now, when you have finished that strip, take it out from under the presser foot and pull some extra inches of top and bobbin threads from the machine,  along with it.

If your ruffle is a tight little puff, like the one above, simply ease it out on the extra inches of threads, until you get the amount of gathers you like.

Make as many of these strips as you need for your project. Don't worry about the strip not being long enough. You can take

the short ends, turn them under and butt them against each other to continue the length!!!
Mark the placement lines  on your project with a washout marker. Align the stitching on the strip with the placement line and sew the strip in place, stitching right on top of the ruffle stitches.

Here are bloomers that I added this type of ruffle.
And below is a sundress that has a ruffle on the hem and I added the fun ruffles on top of the skirt ruffle's seam line.

Some other fun ways to use them would be to decorate the neckline of a v-neck tee, the hem of capri pants, the bottom of a lampshade,  a bib, or a twirly skirt!!! Sew them a top of a seamline, in a straight line or a curved line. The possibilities are limited only to your imagination!!



marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Great tutorial and I love the ruffles. So pretty. Hugs, Marty

Julia said...

I love ruffles on little girls things! I remember having red panties with ruffles when I was a little girl back in the '50s!

LAnderson (Southern Stitches) said...

Great Tutorial, Sara and soooo darn cute!

Anonymous said...

Great tutorial...yes!! Ronda k

Teri said...

Sew cute & easy! Thank you Sara!


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