Friday, April 30, 2010

Faux smocking

I don't think there is anything to compare to true hand smocking. I love it just as much as I did when I learned how to do it over 25 years ago. However, when a creative sort came up with the idea to do this art by embroidery machine, I just had to try it out!! I had to see if , as the directions said, those stitches would really line up on the pleats, and believe it or not, they did!!!
Here is an outfit I made a few years ago using the embroidery machine technique. I think it is cute and it is certainly quicker than the real thing!!! It only lends itself to certain styles, however, as it doesn't have the elasticity of true smocking.
I also love this fabric. It is from the collection by Jennifer Paganelli's company Sis Boom , called "Girlfriends", which sadly, is now discontinued.


ShirleyC said...

Very cute, and unless you looked really close, you couldn't tell the difference. I've been saying I was going to try that. Thanks for inspiration.

LAnderson (Southern Stitches) said...

That's adorable, Sara! I have never tried the machine embroidery smocking b/c, like you, I didn't think there was anyway of really matching up the stitches to the pleats. Your's looks GREAT!

Ellie Inspired said...

That is FABULOUS Sara! Love the material you used and it looks much better than I thought machine embroidery smocking would look. Thanks for letting us that it really does work!

Goosegirl said...

I love this outfit Sara. The smocking really does look good! Is the top lined with tulle to make it so fluffy or are there ruffles underneath? I love the whole outfit!

Simple Southern Happiness said...

That is truly fascinating, I was wondering how that would turn out. Its totally up my ally, I cant smock. Its good you did a test for us and gave us your opinion. Many folks value your opinion... Me included.

The ensemble is sweets for the eye and soul.

Lynette said...

The smocking looks great! Do you remember what pattern you used? I'd like to make one for my daughter.

Julia said...

Wow! I've never tried machine smocking. This looks great. I would never know from the pictures that it wasn't done by hand.

Shannon said...

has Jennifer seen this? She would LOVE it!
Have you considered posting it to her flickr site?


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