Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bishop Christening Gown

This is a gown I made two years ago. It is a bishop style. Bishop-styled gowns are one of my favorite designs for a christening gown when you plan on other babies wearing it someday. A bishop has a lot of give through the shoulder area, lending itself to fit babies of varying sizes.
Our family gown was made by my sister, all by hand , and was also a Bishop style. It has been worn by all our grandchildren, at very different ages and it fit them all. The test for it will be our newest granddaughter Millie , who was born the weekend before Mother's Day last year. Our church has one baby dedication ceremony each year and it is always on Mother's Day!!! So , she will be dedicated this year at one year old!!!
Here is Lacey in the gown at her dedication last year:

                                               The cap she is wearing is an antique, crocheted and has ties made of voile. She is wearing her mother's baby ring.                  



ShirleyC said...

That's a beautiful picture of Lacey. The gown is gorgeous, and what a treasure to be able to pass it down and around.

Julia said...

So beautiful!!!

Linda said...

What a sweet and cute little one...Lacey looks beautiful in her family gown!


Courtney and Jason G. said...

so sweet! I did G's 6 mo portrait in his gown.

We need to chat.. I am looking for something for Graham to wear in his 9 month and I think I want to do a sunsuit- much like the one you made him for the shower. LOVE IT.

Do you have time to craft it for me? Send me an email and we'll discuss.


Haden News said...

Lacey looks beautiful if your Bishop Christening Gown... I am SURE Millie will too!! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful gown with us!

Shannon said...

Beautiful gown and baby!

Anonymous said...

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The Stylish House said...

You are the winner of my Spring Giveaway! Please email me your contact information so I can mail you the prizes. Congrats!

PS. The baby and gown is ADORABLE!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Simple Southern Happiness said...

Sara, Many blessing to your new member of the family, and the upcoming ceremony this May. May she never know a day when Christ was not part of her life and may she be a blessing to all she comes in contact through-out her life.

As always, I have admired your work, its exception in every way down to the smallest of detail. I aspire to sew like you one day.

She is and looks an angel sent from above in your creation.


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