Thursday, February 18, 2010

KitchenAid cover out of placemats

I would like to say that I spend all my time creating beautiful heirloom garments, but actually I do a lot of other kinds of sewing as well. I enjoy making things for my home on occasion, especially if it is a quick project!!
I had noticed that whenever I used my his Kitchen Aid mixer that it was always covered in dust and would have to be washed before use. So I thought it needed a dust cover.

Wanting to make this one of those quick projects, I started searching through my stash for suitable fabric. I didn't have any quilted fabrics but remembered I had a stack of quilted placemats I had bought for another project. After figuring out the measurements, I realized it would take 3 placemats. I had a set of 4 that I had bought at TJMAXX.
So, with two placemats, I lapped one end on top of the other to make a total length measurement of 32" and stitched those two together.
Then, from the third one, I cut 2 pieces to use for the end panels and made them 6" x 14". I pinned a panel to one long end and stitched it on, using a slightly longer stitch length and stitching on top of the binding. I took it to the mixer to check the fit before going on. Next I sewed on the other panel.
Took about 20 minutes!!!


Sewconsult said...

Looks great. I need to make one for mine. Where did you get your canisters? I really like them.
Beckie in Brentwood, TN

Sara said...

thanks, I got them Fred's dollar store for $20!!! Can you believe it????

Shelia said...

Hi Sara! Oh, you're just the smartest one! I love this idea!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Jeanette said...

how cute!

LAnderson said...

Great Idea Sara - now I just need to buy me a KichenAid Mixer so I can make one...LOL!

julia said...

Great idea. I don't have a kitchenaid but my girls do. They may get one of these for Mother's Day or sometime. I've made purses and purse organizers from place mats.

Rettabug said...

This turned out GREAT, Sara! I have tons of quilted placemats that I bought for casserole covers. I just may go see if I can work this out since we both have the same mixer. Thanks for posting the measurements!!


Jenny said...

Oh what a clever idea! This is something I could probably even manage. Your smocking is lovely. Those little dresses are amazing.


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