Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Elizabeth

Twenty seven years ago today, Papa Bear and I were blessed with a little pink bundle that has brought us joy beyond measure.
She came wiggling and shouting into the world and hasn't stopped. Just a few of the things I love about her:

She loves the color pink
She is a leader
She wanted to be a teacher
Then she decided she wanted to be a nurse
She became a nurse in record time
She is a wonderful nurse
She has a tender compassionate heart
She adores her family
She is great with the elderly
She is a wonderful mommy
She is a wonderful wife
She loves the Lord
She is talented musically
She is disciplined
She is organized and methodical
She knows her shortcomings and doesn't agonize over them to others
She is fun to shop with
She has a fabulous sense of humor
She knows me inside and out
She is an encourager
She is stronger than she realizes
She adores babies, anybody's baby
She loves pretty clothes
She is a dead ringer for the actress Leah Rimini
She has the most gorgeous hair and chocolate brown eyes
And she is smarter and more intelligent than I ever thougth about being

This child makes me happy everyday.
Happy birthday Sweet Girl!!!!


Rettabug said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet little girl!! She's BEAUTIFUL & she looks sooooo much like her Mom!
Just look at that gorgeous skin! I'm jealous.

I hope you both get to celebrate all week long. :D

julia said...

Ahhh.... Happy Birthday. My youngest is 27! It's a great age! She must be incredible to read your list!

Shelia said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter. She sounds like a dream of a daughter and I know you're so proud of her.
Thank you for popping in to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

LAnderson said...

awe - how sweet, sara! Happy belated b-day to Elizabeth!


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