Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Less is more

Papa-bear is outta town!!! When this happens, usually I go on a sewing frenzy, existing on several pots of coffee and little else, sewing way into the night.
With three little ones to sew for now, I feel compelled to sew lots of stuff. However, one of my new resolves is to sew more fabulous but less of them. To get all my items for a project together, all planned out and ready to go.
I am  prone to stay on task, get it finished, so that I can sit back and bask in the glow of a completed outfit or dress or whatever. I also have a bad habit of having several different projects going at the same time. So, enough of that. I am going to refine the method of my madness.
So, here it is Wednesday morning and I have not gotten a thing made!!!! I have, however, gotten my Gail Doane jacket cut out, embroidery pattern transferred and ready to embroidery. But, I realized I was missing a thing or two to even start and had to place an order. Today,as I wait on my order  to come in, I will work on finalizing the design of two bishops for Easter. The planning takes forever as I rarely make anything the way it is shown on a pattern or the way I see it in a magazine. Why am I like that????
I spent most of the day yesterday pondering over these two bishops. They are for the grands that will be 14 months and 11 months at Easter.
My first thought is white Swiss batiste. I just love looking at it and feeling of it, makes me happy. So, had to call the mommies and ask if they minded letting the girls ride to church in their slips and putting the dress on when they got there. (that car seat issue). Neither had a problem with that.
On to the smocking design. I have three designs I am going to use. Another hour of sketching. Then there is the hem design. I spent an hour on the math of that last night. Maybe a touch of hand embroidery on the skirt somewhere.


Jeanette said...

I envy people that can sew. I have never even owned a needle and thread! Loving your talent!

Julia said...

I should plan like this. I always just dive into a project with my head down, and don't know what I'll end up with until it's finished.

Martha said...

I am glad there are planners like you. My problem is when I see something I like, I want it JUST LIKE THAT! So I guess it is a good thing that it takes so many to make the world go 'round! But don't be surprised if I don't love what you do so much I want to copy it. LOL

Sewconsult said...

I think the designing part is what I enjoy the most after all these years of sewing. Wish I had a room of Magic Mice (as in Cinderella) & they would do all the stitching!

The Stylish House said...

You're so talented! I sew well, but you have me beat hands down.


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