Wednesday, December 30, 2009


My sister taught me to smock one afternoon in about an hour. I already knew a little bit about sewing. I could sew in a very basic way. I had sewn for my son and once I had a daughter to sew for, I got even more interested in sewing. My sister kept urging me to learn to smock for this baby girl I had. I had only the vaguest idea of what she was talking about. But after that one hour session, I was hooked.
The first book I purchased to help me in this new needle art endeavor was by Elizabeth Travis Johnson simply entitled, "English Smocking". Ms. Johnson had a list in the book of "Do's and Don'ts" in the planning of a smocked garment. Those tips held me in good stead and to me were the epitome of good taste for dressing a child. For the most part, they are still just as good today and bears a review!!!
From Elizabeth Travis Johnson (paraphrased):
Do make the garment style age  and body type appropriate, i.e., a waisted dress is not as good on a one year old as a bishop and a ten year old looks better in the waisted dress.
Keep color shades of brightness in the same family.
Use quality fabric.
Smocking is a busy form of needlework, so use care when adding too many other details.
Keep sleeves short, collars small and hems deep.
I guess it is because this is what I first learned when I was learning to smock,but I still lean towards these ideas today.

What to do?????

The Christmas season of festivities and merrymaking are now memory for me for 2009. Now I find myself on to other pursuits. It ocurred to me this morning that I didn't know what I was going to do with myself today.
I began Monday morning with a new program of getting myself in shape. A new eating plan and a workout program. I know it should be based on health but I have to admit, it is more vanity. I have put on a few "LB's" and I have some great clothes that are now too tight, so it is also a matter of economics!!! I don't want to replace any clothes!!!
But enough of that boring subject.
I am already thinking of spring sewing for my grandchildren. Planning for clothes to be sewn is always a happy project for me and it is hard to decide which is more fun, Fall and winter clothes or spring and summer clothes.
An elderly friend of mine, who passed away several years ago, told me once  that her mama tried to have all the spring sewing finished by the end of February. I don't know if I'll meet that deadline or not!!!


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